Washington Radio WLOV is one of the most unique stations you’ll ever listen to, and it’s truly radio for Washington. Not programmed from some corporate office out of town, without the use of programming consultants, and without any “researched” music lists from New York City or Los Angeles. We’ve made decisions based on what local residents right here in Washington-Wilkes told us they wanted when we were building a local radio station, chock-full of news, information, local community events and a great mix of music.

Todd Michaels

Todd Michaels

Todd Michaels joins Washington’s Morning Show after having hosted the Midday Program on WLOV since July of 2014. His radio career spans 25 years with stops in Wisconsin, Michigan, Mississipi, Ohio, and now Georgia. He’s been a part of the Oconee Radio Group since 2007 and has found the warmer weather here a blessing. A news and weather junkie, you can usually find him scanning social media to find out what everyone else is talking about, and enjoys the more positive side of the stories. Food, cooking, animals, classic television, music, and ghost hunting (yes, ghost hunting) fill his “down time”. Wake up early with him each weekday and catch Local and Fox News updates, Meteorologist Jason Williams’ forecast and great music that’s part of The Soundtrack of your Life.

Our news team updates local headlines throughout the day. Furthering our dedication to timely news and information, we bring you the very latest National and World Headlines from Fox News Radio every half-hour. You’ll also hear local community events, obituaries, birthdays and interviews through the day.

Jason Williams

We’re also proud to feature the only full-time meteorologist in the area, focusing only on local weather for Washington-Wilkes. Jason Williams, who holds a degree in meteorology from Penn State University, updates his forecast throughout the day to keep you informed when seconds count in the Washington Radio WLOV StormCenter. Jason claims to hail from Wyoming, which is one of the square states out West that we’re not certain actually exists. In his spare time, Jason enjoys tinkering with computers, and is an avid dart thrower.

KJ Allen

KJ Allen is the President of Oconee Radio Group, and morning air talent on Washington Radio WLOV. KJ has had a long career in radio, stretching through the Southeast, including stops in Knoxville, Athens, Atlanta, Jackson, Nashville, and the North Georgia Mountains. KJ’s goal is to make sure that Washington Radio WLOV is serving Washington and Wilkes County with local news, weather and information. When not inside a radio station, or working “behind the scenes,” KJ can be found in the cockpit of local crop dusters, frying chicken wings (ask about his special sauce recipe), or rearranging his collection of ancient Egyptian abacuses.

When you’re not hearing local news, information, or weather, you’re likely listening to the most unique mix of music on your radio. We’ve taken the best music from some of your favorite artists of the last fifty years, and combined them into one radio station. It’s music you grew up with – from artists like The Beatles, Phil Collins, Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston, Paul Simon and The Supremes. You might hear Frank Sinatra followed by Journey, and then Anne Murray. Simply put, we’re the Soundtrack of Your Life!

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